About Us

COIL iQ was created in response to the renewable energy industry’s major pain points with scalability, widespread adoption, and ambitious electrification goals.

COIL iQ is a renewables software service platform that streamlines the process of new energy installations from start to finish. Our software organizes and centralizes the complex, admin-heavy backend systems by standardizing the installation process from quoting to install completion. COIL iQ bridges the gap between manufacturers, installers, and renewable energy purchasers by providing services from Quoting to Solution Design to Install. Thus, creating a one stop shop for end-to-end solutions to make the adoption of these new technologies easy and feasible.

As part of COIL’s Unified Platform (COIL UP), COIL iQ simplifies the purchaser’s experience to enable widespread adoption. We uplift these businesses and empower installers to meet market demands by connecting them directly to customers and new energy installations. Within our platform, we support small businesses by training and developing electricians to be ready for the new energy workforce.

Together, we can make the future electric.